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Pastor Shann Laribo

Pastor Shann was born into a Christian family that had a lineage of pulpit ministry and church leadership. He traveled extensively as a child due to his military family background.

Pastor Shann experienced an early prophecy of call to pastor. He preached his first sermon as a child.

Pastor Shann married Celeste Babb on June 20, 1992 at Born Again Church in Nashville, Tennessee. Pastor Shann and Celeste  joined in holy matrimony to serve the body of Christ in joint word delivery. They relocated to Charleston, South Carolina the same year and joined the Biblical House of God under the leadership of Bishop Middleton, Jr. They joined Holy Light Miracle Temple in North Charleston, South Carolina in 1997 under the leadership of Bishop David and Elder Dollie Brown.


Pastor Shann accepted the call to pastor in 2000, founding The Net International Ministries, Inc. with the mission, "Unifying the Body of Christ for the End-time Harvest." jointly ordained by Pastor Horace Hockett of Born Again Church in 2003. 

Pastor Shann and wife Pastor Celeste have two daughters;  Shannon and Sydney.



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